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To be verified means that all your necessary and relevant data (particlularly phone numbers, email address, postal and home address) are with the Nigerian Bar Association.

Two things that indicate that you are not yet verified with the NBA are :

I. That you do not know your Supreme Court enrollment number.

II. That you do not regularly receive emails from the Nigerian Bar Association.

Also, if you are a new wig, it’s most likely thag you are not verified, this is because verification is not automatic.

Now to get verified is easy and it’s free of charge. You only have to follow these simple steps.

  1. Accessing the NBA Membership Portal?

Every lawyer has a portal on the NBA Website. On this portal, you can access many NBA online services. Get started by following this link 👇🏿
  1. I have clicked on the link, what else do I do?

On the page are two options. The first option requests you to log in with your enrollment number and password. The second option requests you to get verified.

Click on the Get Verified Option to get started with your verification process.

  1. Completing the Verification Form Ensure you have a soft copy of your call to bar ceritifacte on your device, as you’ll need to upload it. Also ensure that your email address is correctly entered.

Do this and patiently wait for a confirmation message on your email from the NBA.

  1. I’ve received the email from the NBA

The message will indicate that you have been successfully verified.

It will also include your Supreme court enrolment number and a temporary password (that you can always change at your convenience).

5 . Conclusion

Go back to the membership portal page and enter the details to log in and access the NBA Membership Portal.

In entering your enrolment number and password on the log in page, it is safer you copy it from your email inbox and paste in the appropriate columns to avoid errors.

In particular, both the alphabets and figures of your Supreme Court number are to be typed together without space (E.G. SCN111111).

For further enquiries or complaints, kindly send a mail to

Click the links below for a visual guide

Video: How to verify on the NBA Portal

Video: What to do if you are already verified

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